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What Advantages Does Porta-Bote Have 
Over An Inflatable?

14-empty in water

 1-Save Time, Energy and Frustration!.
With an inflatable you have to spend almost an hour inflating and deflating. And, when you’re finally through, it really can be frustrating at the water’s edge. You’ve spent lots of time inflating only to find still another puncture that has to be repaired. (You’re lucky. You’re not out on the water, yet!)
Every inflatable comes with a puncture repair kit. It’s not coincidental that almost 70% of Porta-Bote purchases are made by “former inflatable owners who have “had it”. Below is a picture of what most inflatable owners fear most! 
                                             One picture is worth 1,000 words!
Porta-Bote has an extremely efficient hull design. A “deep keel-twin hydro-tunnel flexihull® design” traps the bow wave and guides it under the boat . This dramatically reduces drag and increases stability significantly. It requires only a fraction of the horsepower of an inflatable boat, which is really more like a floating waterbed than a boat. For example, with one person sitting in the 12′ 6″ model and with only a 3.5hp outboard (weighing less than 30 pounds), it will actually get up on a plane in less than 5 seconds! You would need at least a 20hp outboard (weighing over 80 pounds) to even come close in an inflatable!
3- Interior Space! Also, in an inflatable, fully 40% of the interior space is taken up with the air chambers (unless one of them punctures). You would need at least a 16 foot inflatable to match the interior space of a 12 foot