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boat towing jet
When the JetSki runs out of fuel, Porta-Bote will easily tow it home!


PERFORMANCE….This is where the Porta-Bote Alpha 3000 really excels over ordinary rigid craft and inflatables. Imagine being able to get up on a “plane” using a tiny 3.5hp outboard. You can when one person is in the boat and at the helm. Porta-Bote takes a standard “short shaft” engine. Do you know what kind of power it takes to get an equivalent sized aluminum or fiberglass boat up on a plane? You would have to invest in a high priced, exceedingly heavy engine that weighs as much as the hull!! And remember, you have to lift this cast iron monster over the transom to get it installed.

With Porta-Bote you get performance and true portability. 100,000+ owners can’t be wrong!

When through boating, hang it from the ceiling or wall in your garage


It’s All Over! An Inflatable Owner’s Nightmare!