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The “RV’ers” Boat…Foldable Portaboat Ends Trailering Forever!

You already tow your family car behind your RV. You love to fish and sail. But how can you transport all these crafts on your rig? Foldable PortaBote, the “RV” boat, may be just your solution.

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Slide Out? No Problem!


Fits On Your Slide Out. Big Or Small Doesn’t Take Up Valuable Interior Space
Porta-Bote can be “RV mounted” almost anywhere!

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Well, it’s almost an RV ..


Porta-Bote RV  Mount (Caravan) Installation Procedure©

Approximate distance between centered holes on RV Mounts:

14′ 0 inch (4.28m) model:144 inches (366 cm)
12′ 6
inch (3.85m) model:117 inches (297 cm)
10′ 8 inch (3.27m) model:100 inches (254 cm)
8′ 6 inch (2.85m) model: 76 inches ..(193 cm)


1. Place closed boat on floor. Slip smaller, one piece RV mount thru bow (front). The 2 holes should be “under” the boat. Slide this mount toward the center of boat as far at it will go (this placement is very important). Boat should be installed with open end (two tubes facing down) as shown.

2. Place the open, larger (2 piece) “U-Shaped” RV Mount (with the two holes) at the rear and underneath the boat. Place the straight piece with the angled stop on the top of the open mount so you can move the 2 piece mount freely. Now, move this 2 piece mount towards the front of the boat until the rear of the boat is less than ½” (12.7mm) from the inside surface of the angled stop (this is critical). Attach this mount to the boat by connecting the bottom of the straight piece with the angled stop to the RV Mount. If necessary, press down on this area of the boat to allow you to secure the two pieces of the mount together. Insert a nail or pin thru the hole in the hasp to keep it closed, temporarily.

3. Place the closed boat (with the RV Mounts still firmly attached) against the side or top of the recreational vehicle. The rear end of boat should facing the the rear of your RV. WARNING! Never cover a heat or exhaust vent! The boat may be installed at an angle to avoid these vents or windows. Mark the position of the RV mounts on the vehicle with a pencil. (If there are no studs, make sure you install a wide backup plate or heavy washer on the inside wall of your RV to help spread the weight and the “pull” of the bolt). Now, take down the boat and install the RV mounts at their proper marked locations. (To prevent the possibility of the boat rubbing against the side of your RV you can insert a piece of wood (sealed) as a spacer between the RV Mount and the side of your RV). Use the correct size nuts, bolts, and washers to suit the thickness of the wall or roof of your RV. Roof installation? Use a good waterproofing sealant. If there is room for attachment underneath your RV, this is a third option if no other space is available. When using this method, make sure you place a thin sealed plywood or aluminum sheet under the boat to prevent scratching caused by rocks being thrown up against the bottom of the RV.

4. After RV Mounts have been installed, slip bow (front) of boat thru smaller, closed mount as far as it will go. Now, press the rear side of the boat into the open RV Mount. Close the RV Mount with the straight piece with the angled stop. Lock with a good, “heavy duty” padlock.

5. To remove the boat from the RV Mount, push in at the bottom of the boat at the rear. This releases pressure from the hasp. Remove the straight piece with the angled stop and pull the boat out and away from the vehicle to prevent scratching.


It’s All Over! An Inflatable Owner’s Nightmare!
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