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The secret of Porta-Boat’s incredible stability?
Its unique, patented “Flexi-Hull” TM

Porta-Bote’s unique FLEXI-HULL TMflexes” and cooperates with the waves TM

Why is Porta-Bote Much More Stable Than Ordinary Boats?
Here Are 3 Important Reasons:

1- Flexibility is the secret to Porta-Bote’s incredible stability!

Yes, Porta-Bote’s unique FLEXI-HULL TMflexes” and cooperates with the waves TM

This is the same reason inflatables are more stable than rigid craft. When a strong wave slams against the side of Porta-Bote’s Flexi-HullTM, the polypropylene copolymer flexes inwards approximately 12%. This immediately dissipates the energy of the wave & actually helpd disperse its force. Although any boat can be capsized under certain conditions, It’s really harder to capsize one of these craft than a rigid aluminum or fiberglass boat. Always sit or stand in the center of any boat for best stability. Of course, safe boating is always a matter of using common sense.

2- Advanced Hull Design: Porta-Bote’s superior hull design creates a unique stability. Its patented concave cupped bottom LOCKS onto the water’s surface. Yet, it “glides” over logs and limbs. Even in high winds!

How The UltraSoft Porta-Bote Ride Is Achieved



The Deep V Bow cuts into the chop and guides it under the boat. The outer chine forces the wave back down

How Porta-Bote’s Stability Is Achieved

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Water is trapped in the “tunnel” under the Porta-Bote hull. A conventional Vee Hull justs rolls over

Why Porta-Bote Remains So Stable in A Tight Turn


                      Porta-Bote remains “level” in a turn.       A conventional Vee Hull leans sharply in a turn.

3- Extremely Low Hull Weights: Folding Porta-Bote hulls weigh in at an ultra-light:

 8′ – 68 lbs. (30.9kg) 10′- 78 lbs. (35.5kg)

12′ – 87 lbs. (39.5kg)

14′ – 108 lbs. (49kg)

Half as much as comparable aluminum boats or fiberglass hulls.

It’s All Over! An Inflatable Owner’s Nightmare!