Blind Fishing Boat Project “Another WORLD’S First” For Porta-Bote

12′ Folding Porta-bote Supplied by – Ontario Portable Boats, Canada


BLIND Lawrence_Fishing_Bow_Side_shot


World’s First Fishing Boat for People Without Sight

Recently, Porta-Bote International’s Canadian Distributor received an intriguing phone call from a gentleman by the name of Lawrence Euteneier who resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.



Lawrence explained that he has been an avid fisherman and boater since his earliest years. This is where the story takes a dramatic turn from the ordinary. Lawrence has been registered blind since the age of eight. Even though Lawrence is now without sight, his passions continue to be boating, fishing and helping other individuals achieve a better quality of life through ongoing research.Lawrence explained that he had a project that he wondered if we could help him with. Using a 12 foot folding Porta-bote, he wanted to create the World’s First Fishing Boat for people without sight. A lofty goal indeed, Craig thought, until his brother in law Rodger and he drove to Ottawa and met Lawrence and his family in person. After they met Lawrence it was impossible to say no. He is a very intelligent, engaging character who has a great zest for life, especially the great outdoors. Lawrence has a great theory about life that really stuck in Craig’s mind. “You should not be afraid to take risks in life as long as they are well thought out, calculated, manageable risks.” Lawrence figured he could calculate and minimize the risks of sightless boating with technology available from many sources.Lawrence already had his ” Blind Fishing Boat Project” well in motion. He had contacted companies that supplied him with a talking compass, hand-held sonar, beeping locater tags, automobile reverse sensors, the latest in GPS technology, and numerous other devices. It is propelled up to 6 km / p / h with a MinnKota Maxxum electric trolling motor.


helped Lawrence assemble the Porta-bote one time, by guiding his hands over the hull, and explaining the design of the Porta-bote as he went. Lawrence felt very confident that he could assemble the boat by himself. Lawrence did so and successfully used his porta-bote for numerous fishing outings in including some tournament fishing. Lawrence has received both the “Meritorious Service Medal” from the Governor General and the Federal Public Service Award in ” Excellence ” for his ground breaking work in the field of technology for people with disabilities. Lawrence
possesses a Masters in Environmental Science for which he traveled and lived abroad in Canada’s far north and Sweden. He gives public appearances of the Blind Fishing Boat showcase technology for fishers and boaters with limited or no sight.


Lawrence also reports on fishing techniques that can be mastered by such fishers and on equipment that is ideally suited for their use. Lawrence also attends fishing and boating shows and is always willing to speak about his research and experiences on the water at public events or club meetings