How Well Does It Perform as a Rowboat?
With an Electric Outboard?

Because the hull is so light (you’re not fighting 300 pounds [136kg] of hull weight), Porta-Bote is a delight to row. The fact that the bow has a “Deep V” Entry-Level Design also gives you an added advantage. You’re not pushing very much water. It’s a lot like “gliding”.


Want to go fast? Almost up on a plane


Who Says Rowing Is “Hard Work” (yawn)?

boat rowing family

Rowing is great exercise for the whole family!

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ELECTRIC Outboard?

 dogsboat2.japan electric bote 

You have the same advantages when you use an electric outboard. Ultra-lightweight hull plus “Deep V” bow.Just another advantage you have over using an INEFFICIENT inflatable or a heavy aluminum or fiberglass boat.

When through boating, hang it from the ceiling in your garage


It’s All Over!
An Inflatable Owner’s Nightmare!