Porta-Bote SCUBA-Swim Boarding Ladder

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May be used on 10′, 12′, and 14′ Porta Boats.

Your Bow Ladder comes assembled with Folding Ladder. Anchor and rope not included.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Place Black Nose on Bow of hull (with ladder inside boat). Be sure Black Nose piece sits flat on top of the black tubes and is pulled back against the bottom as far as possible (Detail 1).
  2. Using the drilled holes in the nose piece as a guide, drill a 1/4 Dia. hole through each side of the hull.
  3. Use the long bolds, washers, and the wings to fasten the Bow Nose to the hull of the boat. (Place the wings on the outside of the hull). Detail 2.

Using your Folding Ladder

  1. Lift the ladder up so the large leaf hinge will pivot up and over the black tubes then lower the ladder over the bow as shown. Detail 3 & 4.
  2. When returning ladder to the boat pull the ladder from the water by lifting up and over the black tubes. Fold the bottom part of the ladder underneath the larger part of the ladder and lay inside the boat.