Here’s Proof Of “STABILITY”

Porta-Bote Folding Boats are ideal fishing boats for getting into
those small lakes  where fishermen rarely get to.
And it’s SAFE!

Just Examine These Pictures….Closely!

Taken very early one dark and hazy morning on the River Seine in France.These two surprised fishing enthusiasts have just caught a 100+ pound (50 kg) fish in (what else?) their favorite folding boat! 
Of course, any boat can be capsized under certain conditions. But, Porta-Bote’s wide beam FlexiHull gives you more stability than a rigid aluminum or fiberglass hull. Notice how the man with the fishing rod is sitting on the other side of the boat for better balance.

Stand up and cast with ease!
Porta-Bote's quiete hull and shallow draft lets you up on fish anywhere
Porta-Bote’s quiet hull and shallow draft  -4 inches (11cm) lets you sneak up on fish anywhere. Use both a gas outboard or electric – or BOTH.

Or – Fish In The Caribbean

More proof of Porta-boat’s incredible STABILITYIts unique, patented 




Still More Proof of Porta-Bote’s Stability Its unique, patented 

Full of water and still floating!


The secret of Porta-Boat’s incredible stability? Its unique, patented

When through boating, hang it from the ceiling in your garage

It’s All Over!
An Inflatable Owner’s Nightmare!