The Unique Back Saver SEAT®
The Porta-Bote Accessory To “Save Your Back”
Long Lasting Ergonomic Comfort
Porta-Bote Rotating swivel seat
Not Just An Ordinary Seat – It’s Engineered to Fit your Body
Designed To Fit Any Size – Any Year Porta-Bote
Here are the exciting features you’ve asked for:
1- Ergonomic Centric FOLDING SEAT
* With continuous comfort zone for hours of comfortable fishing. 
*  Rated for up to 360 pounds.
2- Contouring
* The seat’s backrest follows the natural curve of the spine
* An upward curve at the back of the seat pan helps the
.. pelvis forward and properly positions the lumbar region
* A rounded front (“waterfall”) edge reduces pressure on the
.. thighs

3- Self Ventilating 
to allow pass-through of air and water for
.increased comfort.
4- Push-button release automatically locks the seat back
….positively in the upright sitting position
5- Certified – meets all ABYC H-31 seating requirements

Porta-Bote Swivel Seat

With Porta-Bote Exclusive Design
Seat Base – And it Folds!
NO HolesTo Drill – NO Springs To Wear Out!
Easily Attaches To

The perfect addition to enjoy your folding Foldaboat®.
Fits ALL Porta-Boat® Models. ALL Years

Porta-Bote with two swivel seatsPorta-Bote with two men sitting in the backsaver seats

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It’s All Over! An Inflatable Owner’s Nightmare!

The unique Portaboat Backsaver seat!