Porta-Bote To The Rescue Around the World

Rescue Porta-Boat

Porta-Bote – Incredibly Stable (Holland Fire/Rescue Team Shown)

Japan Tsunami Rescue Teams Use PortaBoat To Save Lives

Porta-Bote Rescue Team Japan

The Unique folding PORTA-BOTE is used
world wide as a reliable, portable and safe rescue
craft by international water rescue agencies

.Porta-Bote safety craft……Porta-Bote Rescue Boat

Saving Lives From Brussels To Tokyo
Porta-Bote used as rescue boat in Japan..Porta-Bote rescue divers..Porta-Bote divers
Won’t puncture like an inflatable. Doesn’t take “forever” To Setup!

Used Worldwide By Seaplane Rescue Crews

Unaffected by heights. Won’t Puncture like a flimsy inflatable!

It’s All Over! An Inflatable Owner’s Nightmare!

Porta-Bote vs Inflateable